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Accessibility Studies

20 ASP Capstones to present at SOURCE!

Twenty Accessibility Studies Program students will be presenting their capstone projects at the annual Symposium of Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression at CWU May 14-16. Their capstone projects apply the knowledge from three core courses (ASP 305 Accessibility & User Experience, ASP 325 Universal Deisgn, and ASP 435 Accessible Information Design) to a real world scenario. Join us!

Their topics show how widespread the issue of accessibility is:

Participants in SOURCE 2019

Des Moines Oral Presentations May 14 6PM Building 2 Highline College

Beginning the Journey with the Help of Access Services  - Nineth Alvarez Lopez 
School District Accessibility for Children with Disabilities and their Immigrant Families - James Richmond 
The Evacuation of Minor-aged Students with Mobility Impairments in Multistory School Buildings  - Chelsea Rivas        

Ellensburg Panel Participants 1:00 – 2:30 SURC Theater

Deafness Accommodation in a Museum - Caryn Boehm  
The Experience of Living with an Adult Child with Autism and Mental Illness - Anna Cairns  
"A Missing Piece”, a Book about the Disorder of Agenesis and the Corpus Callosum - Katheryn Clark
Lesson Plans to Teach Elementary Students about Accessibility - Emma Cottle  
School District Classified Staff and Awareness of Disabilities - Laura Evans  
Curriculum for Disability Awareness: Reducing the Stigma of Disability though Education - Brittney Lautenslager  
Accessibility at White River Ampitheatre - Meredith Lanthorn
An Expanding Workforce and Promoting Inclusion  - Luca Straka   
Comparison of Chinese and American Elementary Schools - Ashley VanHorn  
Accessibility with CWU Engagement Opportunities - Annie Young 

Ellensburg Posters May 15 2:00PM SURC Ballroom

Accessible Design on Mobile Apps for Elders - Han Jiang
Beginning the Journey: Special Education Transitioning in Kittitas County - Kayla Nancarrow
Accessibility in City Parks - Jazmin Quinones

Ellensburg Oral Presentations May 15 3:30 – 5PM SURC 137A

International Disabled Adoptees Path to Higher Education - Kaily Baulaureier
Identifying Roadblocks to the Hiring of People with Exceptionalities - Alex Cheesman
How to Look Disabled Enough: An Exploration of Stigma and Invisible Disabilities - Kenny Dalton
Finding Employment Accessibility for People with Intellectual Disabilities - Michael Riggin
The Evacuation of Minor-aged Students with Mobility Impairments in Multistory School Buildings  - Chelsea Rivas

The students are pursuing both undergraduate minors and professional development certificates that are valuable for their careers but are also personally meaningful. All the courses are offered online, making it easier to schedule along with other courses and with employment and family obligations. You can complete the whole certificate in the summer session or spread the courses over a year. 

Contact Dr. Petersen at or complete the online application form.


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