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Classification of Students

Student Load Policy

Academic Holds

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Declaring a Major

Quarterly Honor Roll

Students with Disabilities


Class rank is based upon the number of quarter hours earned as follows:


The number of credits for which a student is fully registered determines full-time and part-time status. Note that a GPA of 2.8 or higher is recommended for students seeking an overload.

Undergraduate or Post-Baccalaureate
12 or moreFull-time
15Standard load
19-20Overload (approval needed from major advisor and major department chair, or in the case of undeclared majors, Academic Advising)
21 or moreOverload (approval needed from major advisor and major department chair as well as the appropriate school dean, or in the case of undeclared majors, the assistant vice president for undergraduate studies)


10 or moreFull-time
15Standard load
17-19Overload (approval needed from major department chair or dean)
20 or moreOverload (approval needed from college or graduate dean)


Non-matriculated Students
Non-matriculated status is given to those persons who are not seeking degrees or certificates at CWU. Non-matriculated students do not need to go through the regular admissions process; they apply through Registrar Services and will be allowed to register on a space-available basis. Credits earned when in non-matriculated status may not be used to satisfy degree or certificate requirements unless the student matriculates, in which case a maximum of 45 credits may be applied toward a baccalaureate degree.

Students who are registering for courses as a non-matriculated student can register for a maximum of 12 credits during the fall, winter, and spring terms. Non-matriculated students are not allowed to participate in early registration.

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Freshman Advising Hold
Freshmen, classified as any student who has less than 45 earned credits, will have an advising hold placed on their account prior to early registration. Freshmen will need to see their University 101 or Music 104 advisor prior to registration in order to have the hold removed.

General Education Basic Skills Hold
Students will have a hold placed on their account if they have not completed the Basic Skills area of the general education requirements by the time they reach 75 credits. Students must see their major advisor or if they are undeclared an advisor in the Academic Advising Center to have the hold removed. This hold will be placed every quarter until the Basic Skills are completed.

75 Credit Advising Hold
All students will have an Advising Hold placed on their account the quarter after they have earned their 75th credit. To have this hold removed a student must meet with their major advisor or an advisor in the Academic Advising Center.

115 Credit Advising Hold
All students will have an Advising Hold placed on their account the quarter after they have earned their 115th credit. To have this hold removed a student must meet with their major advisor or an advisor in their intended major.

Major Declaration Hold
This hold is placed on a student who has 100 or more earned credits and is not admitted into a major or pre-major program. All of these holds, with the exception of the major hold, can be released by any faculty member or professional academic advisor.

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Final exam schedules are posted to Safari by the 30th day of the quarter (Self Service > Enrollment > View My Exam Schedule). Students are responsible for verifying their final exam schedules with their instructors.

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Grades are available on Safari three days after the end of the final exam week (Self Service > Academic Records > View My Grades). Students are no longer mailed a hard copy of their grade report unless requested. Students may request to have their grades sent to their home/permanent address by filling out a grade report request form available at Registrar Services, university center offices, or online at Requested reports will be mailed two to three weeks after the end of finals week.

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Students are required to apply and be accepted into a major or pre-major by the time they have earned 100 credits or they are prevented from participating in their regularly assigned early registration appointment.

Students are bound by the major requirements that became effective with the Fall Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) for the academic year in which they are accepted into their major.

If a student does not enroll for two or more consecutive quarters at Central (excluding summer), he or she will be required to reactivate his or her major status. Reactivation must be done with the concurrence of the department and in accordance with the department and the OEC requirements current at the time of readmission.

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Undergraduates who complete a minimum of 12 graded credits quarterly and have obtained a 3.5 quarterly GPA are eligible to be on the honor roll. (Post-baccaluareate and graduate students are not eligible for honors.)

The honor roll student list is available online at sorted by last name and by city. City is designated by the home/permanent address that is on file with Registrar Services. Students who have designated a FERPA restriction on their student record will not have their name published on the Web or in a hometown newspaper. However, the honor roll designation will show on the student’s transcript.

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Disability Services, located in Bouillon Hall, room 140, was established to ensure that CWU students of disability are provided equal access to university programs and facilities. Information about disability documentation, classroom accommodations, and program access can be obtained by calling 509-963-1202.

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