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Academic Advising

Registration Troubleshooting

Overload Approval

To take more than 18 credits, you must have completed one quarter at CWU, be in good academic standing, have a cumulative GPA of a 2.8, and obtain written permission. To receive written permission you must do one of the following:

  •     If you have not been admitted into a major you must obtain permission from the Academic Advising Center for any credit load of 19 or 20 credits. If you desire to take more than 20 credits you must have the approval of the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies, located in the Provost’s office in Barge Hall.
  •     If you have been admitted into your major, you must obtain permission from your major advisor and major department chair for loads of 19 or 20 credits. If you desire to take more than 20 credits you must also have the approval of the appropriate college dean.


Course Permission

Course permission numbers are six-digit numbers issued to you by departments to enroll in restricted course sections. Course permission numbers are used in courses that require prerequisites, a specific skill level, for specific declared majors, and for other reasons.

Reserved Course

Courses may be reserved for many different reasons. To see which students the course is reserved for click on the course title and look for "enrollment requirements" to tell you about which requisites need to be met to be in the course.

Online Course

Most online courses are reserved for Centrals "off-campus" centers and online majors. Online courses open up for Ellensburg students during the open enrollment period.

Registration Appointment

Students will only be able to enroll into courses during their assigned enrollment appointment and during open enrollment. To find out what your registration date is, look on the"enrollment date" section of your Safari account. When you click on "details" to see what day and time you can register. To find out when open enrollment is please visit the Registrar's page and view the quarterly calendar.

Prerequisites not met

To find out what prerequisites are required for the course, click on the course title and see "enrollment requirements."

If you are a transfer student who completed the prerequisite at another school, please look at you "transfer credit report" through your Safari account and make sure that the course transferred in properly.

If you are sure you have completed the required course to enroll please contact the Registrar's office at 509-963-3001.

If you are enrolling in a math or English course and having trouble please look at the math and English eligibility page to determine your course level.

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