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Academic Advising

About Us

Vision Statement

Advising at Central Washington University will be a coordinated and responsive student-centered process that engages faculty and advisors in helping students achieve their educational, career, and life goals.

Mission Statement

At Central Washington University, academic advising is both a teaching and learning process that is dedicated to student success. Students work in a collaborative environment with academic advisors and faculty in order to define and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their interests and goals. By so doing, they become empowered to gain self reliance in their educational career and beyond.



  • Students, faculty, and advisors are knowledgeable of institutional policies, procedures and requirements.
  • Students, faculty, and advisors are aware of the various resources and services available to CWU students.
  • Students, with the guidance of faculty/advisors, are able to recognize and accept personal responsibility for their educational and career goals.


  • Students, with the guidance of faculty/advisors, develop and implement both long-term and short-term strategies to be successful in educational and career goals.
  • Students utilize the resources and develop relationships available to them in the University community to advance their educational and career goals.
  • Faculty/advisors and students ensure advising sessions are accessible, frequent, and of sufficient length.
  • Faculty/advisors provide career mentoring to students.


  • Faculty/Advisors, students, and staff respect the time, effort, and individuality of each other during the advising process.
  • Faculty/advisors will help students understand the value, purpose and potential of higher education.

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