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Academic Achievement


Small Group Workshops for Spring 2014






Identity Theft: "The ins and outs of keeping your identity yours"

Lemu'el Cannonier
US Bank 

Apr. 8th


Hertz 105

Loan Lessons: "The low down on loans: Interest and keeping your head above water."

Lemu'el Cannonier
US Bank

Apr. 9th


Hertz 105

Access to Power and Privilege


May 14th


Hertz 105

Etiquette Dinner (Limit: 12 students can sign up, on a first-come, first-serve basis for signup)


May 5th


Sue Lombard Dining Area
Resume and Cover Letter 101Alaina NickersonMay 29th4:00-5:00Hertz 105

Online Workshops


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Money Smart - A Financial Education Program

The 11 Money Smart Training Modules

Log in here and select any of the following workshops: 

Bank on it: An introduction to banks and the services they provide.
Keep it safe: Learn about your rights as a consumer.
Borrowing Basics: Introducing what loans are and an overview of credit.
To Your Credit:  How your credit history will affect your credit future.
Check It Out: How to choose, maintain, and utilize a checking account.
Charge It Right:  Picking a credit card that is right for you, and how to use a credit card to help you.
Money Matters: Budget development and learning how to keep track of your money.
Loan To Own: Learning how to know what you're buying before your borrow.
Pay Yourself First:  Learning about the importance of saving money and how to get started.
Your Own Home:  Learn how you can own your own home and the financial responsibilities of home ownership.