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Academic Achievement

Workshops for TRiO SSS Scholars

Financial Literacy Workshops for

Spring Quarter 2017


  Please note that your TRiO SSS Advisor has additional workshops for you to consider. 






How to prepare for CWU's General Scholarship Application

Karrie Hansberry and Greg Williams

Scholarship and Financial Aid Offices

May 9

1:00 PM

SS 109

Credit Card Basics

Want to purchase a car, rent an apartment or own a home in the future?  If so, establishing a good credit score is critical!

Lem Cannonier, US BankApril 273:00 PMHertz 105

The Budget Zone

How to set up a personal budget and stick to it!

Lem Cannonier, US BankApril 202:00 PM




Online Workshop Opportunity 

Click on the above banner to go to and log in to access these online resources.  This website has a great deal of financial literacy information available to you for free!

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