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Academic Achievement

What is Mentor?

Mentoring-- which comes from the Greek word meaning “enduring”—is defined as a trusted and sustained relationship between two or more people. With this definition in mind, the TRiO program will group several mentees with one mentor with a goal of creating enduring and successful relationships.

A TRiO mentor is a special kind of person. A person who has walked through many of the same trials and tribulations in which their mentees have gone through—or are about to go through—and is a person who has been successful in getting through those challenges. TRiO mentors are inspirational guides who will help show incoming TRiO freshmen how to become successful in their academic careers and how to achieve their own goals and dreams.

How to get involved:

The TRiO mentor positions open once a year, and have a commitment time of a full academic year, Fall Quarter through Spring Quarter. We will start accepting applications for next year’s positions in early Spring quarter.

If you are a TRiO participant who is an upper classman with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and are interested in helping new TRiO freshman with their transition to campus life, you are eligible for this position. All you have to do is read the online job description page and then fill out the online application.