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Academic Achievement

TRiO SSS Spotlight

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Spring 2013:


CWU TRiO's Student-Led Leadership Conference

At the 4th annual student-led CWU TRiO Leadership Conference, 23 students showcased their undergraduate research as well as presented workshops on a variety of topics such as achievement, leadership, college survival skills and personal development.



TRiO Graduation Day of Celebration

Our 16th annual Graduation Day of Celebration is when we honor our graduates and Dean's List scholars.  Honored guests, key administrators, students and staff came together to congratulate the TRiO scholars on their academic achievements. Graduates thanked individuals who had supported their educational goals and were presented with honor cords, a commemorative book about CWU and a TRiO SSS Graduation Certificate. Dean's List Scholars were presented with a Certificate of Academic Achievement and a TRiO t-shirt.