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Academic Achievement

Central Washington University’s TRIO SSS Program Background

Central’s TRIO SSS Program has been serving students since 1992.  Our Program provides a wide range of services to assist students as they earn undergraduate degrees.  For the 225 scholars selected to participate, we provide the following services:

  • Comprehensive academic advising
  • Academic and career workshops
  • Career exploration
  • Academic tutoring
  • Cultural, social and/or leadership activities
  • Financial literacy programs
  • Assistance in applying for graduate school and financial aid


All TRIO SSS students are successful in their pursuit of an undergraduate education and segue seamlessly into advance degrees or rewarding professional careers.



We offer TRIO SSS students at Central Washington University comprehensive academic support services through advising, tutoring and study skills instruction while simultaneously providing a broad range of opportunities that enhance their social and personal success.


Additional information about TRIO Programs can be found at the Federal website (click here).


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