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Academic Achievement

Laptop Loan Out

The TRIO SSS Program currently provides a laptop computer “Loan-out” service for ONLY students enrolled in the Central Washington University (CWU) TRIO SSS Program.  Eligible students requesting to borrow a laptop must abide by the following policies:

  1. Borrow a laptop computer for a period of no more than two weeks (15 days).  The due date and time will be indicated on this loan out contract.
  2. Should you fail to return the borrowed laptop computer on time or it is lost, stolen, damaged, altered or destroyed in any manner (physical or systematic), the CWU TRIO SSS program has the right to proceed with CWU policies and procedures and place a hold and/or charge your student account for the cost of replacing the laptop computer.
  3. If you wish to extend your check out for an additional time, you are required to return the laptop first, and then place your name on the Wait List for the next available laptop computer.  Laptop computers are loaned out on a first come, first served basis.
  4. When returning the borrowed laptop computer, you are required to bring it back yourself.  If another person other than the borrower returns the borrowed laptop, you will lose loan out privileges for the remainder of the quarter. 
  5. Utilize the laptop computer according to CWU policies and for academic work only.
  6. Return the laptop computer in the presence of a CWU TRIO SSS Staff member so that the Staff member may check the status of the computer.


If you would like to check out a computer, or have any questions, please go to Hertz 209 or call ex. 2026

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