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Academic Achievement

Spring Quarter 2016 Workshops

Workshops for Spring Quarter 2016






Linked In/Social Media

Career Services


4:00 PM

SURC 135

Researching Careers

Career Services


4:00 PM

Library 152

Angry Eyes Conflict and PersonalityCareer Services4/1411:30 AMSURC 135
Get it Together

Career Services

4/194:00 - 5:30 PM

Library 152

Getting into Graduate SchoolCareer Services4/20

4:00 PM

Bouillon 211
Dress for Success

Career Services

4/214:00 PMSURC 135
Exploring Majors and Personality TypesCareer Services4/274:00 PM
Bouillon 211
Are Habits Forming You?Career Services4/284:00 PMSURC 140
What Employers WantCareer Services5/34:00 PMSURC 135

Everything you ever Wanted to know About Internships

Career Services5/44:00 PMBouillon 211
Accounting jobs and InternshipsCareer Services5/611:00 AMSURC 140
Secrets of Employment - Don't Blow It!

GEAR UP Mosaic

5/112:00 PMHertz 104
Etiquette DinnerCareer Services5/115:30 - 8:00 PMSue Lombard
Angry Eyes - Conflict and PersonalityCareer Services5/123:30 PMSURC 137B
Resume' CafeCareer Services5/1612:00 - 2:00 PMSURC 137A
Benefits/Challenges of Social GroupsCenter for Diversity and Social Justice5/242:00 PM

Hertz  104


Online Workshop Opportunity 

Click on the above banner to go to and log in to access these online resources.  This website has a great deal of financial literacy information available to you for free!