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Academic Achievement

CWU TRIO Application

Every academic year we provide services for 225 students. We offer counselor support and a host of other beneficial services.

The application process occurres in two steps:

             1. Complete the online application

             2. Complete an interview with one of the TRIO SSS Staff

Upon completion of your interview, the CWU TRIO SSS deparment will meet to review all interviewed applicants.                                

Our enrollment process continues through out the year.  Once the applications is complete and you have done your interview, we will determine if you are eligible for our program. If  there is no openings currently you will be placed on a waitlist

Our primary method of contact with individuals will be your CWU email account.

Please be sure to check your CWU student email regularly and keep MyCWU updated with your most current address and phone number. TRIO many need to access this informaiton to send out additional paperwork.

Interested? Verify the qualifications below.

  1. Check eligibilty requirements.
  2. Complete the CWU TRIO application.
  3. Once accepted follow the new student to-do list.

Individuals may also contact our office at 509.963.2026 to receive a paper-based application. 









Applicant Qualifications

To qualify for CWU's TRIO SSS program students must be currently accepted or already enrolled at CWU at the Ellensburg campus; a US Citizen or Permanent Resident; demonstrate academic need, as well as meet at least one of the following criteria to apply:

• Be a first generation college student (neither of your parents or legal guardian have earned a bachelor’s degree)
• Have financial need as determined by Federal Income Standards
• Be a student with a qualifying disability that can be documented with CWU’s Disability Services

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Once Accepted Into the TRIO SSS Program

All applicants who are chosen to participate in the program must:

1. Attend TRIO SSS New Student Orientation during Wildcat Welcome Weekend.

2. Schedule an appointment with their TRIO Counselor within ten days of the first quarter that they are enrolled to discuss academic needs, begin to create a comprehensive academic plan and determine how comprehensive student support can be provided throughout the university.

The Program retains the right to rescind a student’s acceptance
into TRIO SSS if any of the above requirements are not met.

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