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Academic Achievement

Academic Tutoring

One benefit to TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) students is that we provide free access to the tutors at Academic Sucess Center within Central Washington University's (CWU) Brooks Library.  

The Tutoring Program offers individual and small-group assistance to qualified students for many CWU courses. The goal of the Program is to help students learn techniques for independent and successful study.  

Obtaining a Tutor in Learning Support Services

There are several steps in order to acquire a specific tutor for a course: 

    1. Schedule a meeting with your TRIO SSS Advisor and share with them that you need a tutor

    2. The Academic Sucess Center will contact you either through phone call, email, or text  

    3. Respond to the Learning Commons to set up a time to meet with your tutor


If you have additonal questions, check out the FAQ


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