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Lorinda Anderson

AAP Coordinator

I have thoroughly enjoyed multiple career pathways over the last 35 years. Most aligned well with my degrees in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health and Geography/Natural Resource Management while others were more off-center, but I can state with conviction that all have been deeply rewarding.

Regardless of the employment opportunity, I make it a point to be fully engaged in the work that I do. While managing venereal disease programs, conducting highly erodible land surveys, initiating county-wide waste reduction and recycling programs or directing a civic engagement/leadership development center, I felt that I was utilizing my innate desire to create something innovative and authentically making a difference in the world.

Those two beacons also led me to Central’s TRiO SSS Program.  I find it very rewarding to facilitate for the success of Central students who choose to dream big and pursue higher education as a vehicle for achieving their life goals.

Although my day-to-day work in TRiO SSS is indeed quite fulfilling, traveling is my first love and perhaps the only vice I cannot control. Therefore, most of my personal time is purposefully filled with travels to unknown places. And since I only have one son who is already an adult and undoubtedly the best dentist practicing in Washington state - yes, I admit a wee bit of parental bias here - I am free to wander about the global community. Beyond traveling, I am also a pushover for any artistic endeavor from oil painting to ceramics and can easily lose all sense of time surrounded by mountains and big water resources.

Regardless of the personal or professional opportunities my future holds, innovation and impact will still remain at the forefront; I will continue developing an appreciation for the even the smallest of details the world has to offer and create ample opportunities to laugh heartily throughout this adventure called life.


Gina Gilbert

AAP Office Assistant 3

I am the OA3 for Academic Achievement Programs.  I was born and raised in Kittitas County. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. My life overflows, and my career is very important to me. I have always sought employment that is rewarding and where I can help people. AAP is the perfect department for me. I love the diversity and the needs of our students makes you feel like you are doing something important and good.


Heidi Anderson

TRiO SSS, Academic Advisor

I received my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Science in Biology from Central Washington University in 2011, and a Master of Science in Biology.  I was a former TRiO scholar and attribute my academic success, impart, to the TRiO Program. I am the first in my family to receive a college degree, and I have inspired my own children to pursue higher education. I believe it is important to continue to challenge yourself and learn new things. Recently my family and I have started a lavender farm here in the valley with close to 3000 plants. Come this spring we will have a sea of purple to gaze out upon.

In addition to our new farm, I love to repurpose old items and turn them into new treasures. You can find a few hanging in my office. I also enjoy creative writing, gardening and rock hounding, and I am currently talking my husband into remodeling a vintage camper. The greatest challenge I have faced has been a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer and because of this have become a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness.

Leslie Woodris
TRiO SSS, Academic Advisor

I received my Bachelors of Science from the University of Indianapolis in Psychology and Pre-Art Therapy in 2014 and two Masters of Science degrees from Emporia State University in Clinical Counseling and Art Therapy. I come from a low income, first generation family but I was not aware of the TRiO program while pursuing my degrees. The greatest challenge I had to overcome as a student was finding a way support myself and pay my way through school. I can personally relate to trying to juggle a job and college. I believe that TRiO SSS can make a huge difference in your experience had at college by talking to our staff who truly understands what you may be going through because we have experience as well. 

Moving from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest has been a wonderful adventure and I find myself exploring the area with my wife. We are excited to be near the mountains and so many wonderful outdoor activities. In addition to exploring the great outdoors I make time to be creative and make art.