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Academic Achievement

About Us: CSF

The CSF has been a part of the Central Washington University's (CWU) Academic Achievement Programs since 2001. There are two CSF Programs at CWU, the Passport Navigator Program and the College Bound Scholarship Program (Achievers).

Once the Program's scholars arrive on Central's campus, the CSF staff members strive to connect the students to a variety of resources that will enhance their academic success. Additionally, the CSF Program intentionally creates social opportunities to incorporate participants into the campus community.   


Inspire students that are experiencing foster care and/or homlessness to finish high school, and enter and graduate college by providing the scholarships, mentoring and support they need to succeed in life.

College Success Foundation Passport to College Scholarship

The Passport for Foster Youth Promise Program was created to help students from foster care prepare for, and succeed in, college. This state-funded program was created by Washington State Legislation in 2007 as a six-year pilot program. In the 2010-11 academic-year the statewide program served approximately 375 students with a maximum annual award of $3,000. Since 2009, the College Success Foundation has been contracted by the Higher Education Coordinating Board to provide personalized help and support services to Passport Scholars.

Through the Passport for Foster Youth Promise Program, students receive a scholarship to assist with the cost of attending CWU (tuition, fees, books, housing, transportation and some personal expenses). An essential aspect of this program are the specialized support services provided by the University and CSF staff members.

To know more about the program and your eligibility, click here. To become part of the program, click here to gain access to the application.

College Success Foundation College Bound Scholarship (Achievers)

Eligible students are offered a promise of financial aid for college in 7th and 8th grade if they graduate high school through the The College Bound Scholarship.  The goal of the scholarship is to increase educational opportunities for rural, low-income students. The scholarship translates into financial aid that covers tuition and provides a small book allowance.

For additional information please go to the College Success Foundation website.


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