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Academic Achievement


A Message from CWU President Gaudino

Dr. Gaudino with TRiO graduate Kimberly Hitchcock and her son at TRiO's Graduation Celebration 2012-2013. 

Central Washington University and the National TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) Program have partnered for decades to support student success. Since 1991 CWU has provided scholars with personalized services that foster academic development, cultivate professional competencies, and support their engagement, both on and off campus.  During the 2011-2012 academic year 86 percent of scholars earned their bachelor’s degree--evidence that this personalized support of students is a cornerstone to the successful completion of a baccalaureate education. These results demonstrate CWU's commitment to student success and to TRiO SSS, which helps to create leaders who are poised for productive and meaningful contributions to their communities.
                                                                      - CWU President James Gaudino



student Holly Allen and former Washington State Governors Mike Lowry and Gary LockeStudent Holly Allen. 

Ms. Holly Allen is a successful scholar of the TRiO Student services and the College Success Foundation (CSF) Programs at Central Washington University.  She is the epitome of an exemplary student both academically and personally.  Because of her achievements, Holly was selected as the key note speaker at the CSF Governor’s Cup in 2014.  Holly viewed this experience as a honor because she had the opportunity to tell her personal story to the people behind the Governor’s Scholarship.  It also allowed her to be a representation of a successful scholar who has benefited from the philanthropy of the others.  When asked about her experience a this event, Holly stated that, “it was one the best days of my life.  This scholarship meant a lot to me.  It aided in my success because it helped ease the financial burdens I was facing and gave me the space to focus more on my academics”.

Holly is well on her way to becoming an accomplished and passionate educator.  Growing up, she recalls going through constant transitions and found solitude and positivity trough teachers that were a consistent element in her life.  In the future, she hopes to continue the constant presence of love in children’s lives.  She wants her students to know that no matter what goes on in their home life that they can come to school and count on her.  Holly plans to continue her education by working toward her Master’s Degree and will dedicate her life to  being an exceptional educator in a public school classroom.